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Driving School

About the Buckeye Driving Schools

This is the 37th year for Buckeye Chapter Driver's Schools. We strongly encourage you to give one a try if you haven't yet. You'll be amazed at how much you learn, and how much fun you have doing it!

Driver's Schools are a great place to see just what you and your Bimmer (or other car) can do. The schools allow performance driving techniques from experienced instructors under the safest conditions possible. They are not races, but rather, a controlled environment in which you can push the envelope at your own pace. You'll learn how your car handles at high speed and under extreme cornering. Once you get a taste of how your car behaves under the intensity of track driving, you will be much better prepared for those highway "intense moments". Students are grouped into several categories depending on skills and previous school experience for both in-class and on-track sessions. This is a great investment for any driver, male or female, young or "experienced". We've yet to hear of anyone leaving a Driver's Schools without feeling they were a better driver.

Have a safe and enjoyable driving season! Thank you for your interest.

Buckeye Chapter BMW CCA Driving Events Committee


Open-top cars will not be permitted in the schools. However, Targa Porsches are allowed with non-glass roofs and, C5 and C6 Corvette hardtops with-non glass roofs also allowed.

Helmets now require a 2010 or 2015 Snell rating.


Download the Buckeye Driving School Invitation.pdf to learn what you can expect and what we expect of you, some FAQ’s and how to get the most out of the weekend.

The 2017 Calendar includes the following driving events:

(click the link below to go directly to the registration page on

REGISTER FOR: Bridgestone BMW CCA Buckeye Chapter HPDE at Mid-Ohio
August 18-20, 2017
That's right, we've once again been selected to be part of the Bridgestone HPDE Tour 2017! This special program will bring a fully outfitted Bridgestone trailer to our event, staffed with experts ready to help you with all your questions about tire performance, proper inflation, wear patterns, or whatever else you need to know to get the most out of your tires. They might even sell you some!

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Home Page


Driver School Info Packet (PDF, 6.8MB)
Medical Information Form (PDF, 50K)
Pre-Event Safety Inspection & Helmet Release (PDF, 111K)
Garage Rental Procedures (PDF, 191K)

Students & Instructors - Your personal car insurance may not cover an incident on track. We now have Lockton Affinity offering HPDE track day insurance for your car. You may contact them at or 1-866-582-4957

Note to Instructor Applicants

Buckeye BMW CCA takes driving resumes with references for those interested in instructing. Please send resumes and references to Steve Schardt (click the Contacts link at the bottom of the page).

If you have instructed for other regions/clubs but not Buckeye BMW CCA, we prefer that you do your first Buckeye BMW CCA event as a student. This becomes a requirement if you have never been to Mid-Ohio. We expect our instructors to be experienced with Mid-Ohio in all weather conditions.

Walt Berchak’s good vid from a Mid-Ohio school in ’09 including a lap on the “school line”

Helmet Cam Video